Kelsey M.


Jan. 2, 2017

Closet Organizing

Organized Closets and Dresser

"Molly came by for the day to organize my master closet and dresser, and also had time to do a quick reorganization of our guest and child's closets. She brought extremely useful container store organizers. Her eye for setting things up in the most efficient way was impressive and I am loving finally having an organizational system I can stick to! Highly recommend Molly."

Anjou A.


Dec. 13, 2016

Move-In Services & Closet Organizing

Professional and Efficient

"Professional and Efficient. Great job helping us unpack, organize and get moved in."

Laura P.


Dec. 11, 2016


What an Excellent Experience!

"Molly is fabulous! We moved into our house 2 years ago with 2 little kids, and then remodeled the house in sections. Needless to say, we had lived out of boxes for so long that they were shoved EVERYWHERE. Molly was very patient and helpful in reviewing what we had, what my end goals were (what type of stuff to keep, what I needed easily accessible, etc), and made great recommendations. It's clear that she has a knack for planning and her brain was working from the second she walked in. 

When it got to be time to deal with more sentimental items (read: tiny baby clothes that I loved!), Molly was a great help in actually getting things packed up by "donate" or "keep". I don't think I could have made it through without her there! She was caring when I got sentimental but practical to keep me on track. 

At the end of the day, I have cleaned out boxes. I can now easily walk in the attic. My kids rediscovered old toys and were thrilled. I feel like we have finally moved into this house. It only took 2 years... and Molly."

Nancy P.


Nov. 22, 2016

Whole home Organizing

Three Cheers for Cole + Co!

"Molly organized my closets, pantry, and garage. All were very well done. Having my garage organized is so refreshing! It’s a whole new world! She is very professional and fun to work with. I highly recommend Cole + Co."

Julie P.


Nov. 21, 2016

Kitchen & Closet Organizing

Molly's Magic

"Molly organized my pantry. The pantry was overflowing with shelf items I could not see with no room for anything. She went through everything and got rid of the expired items. She then grouped like products and put them on graduated shelving so I could see the products I had. It was a wonderful transformation!
Molly organized my closet. She sorted through outdated and hardly worn clothes to make room in the closet. Then she got bins for accessories. I can actually find things now. I'm so happy that I can walk in my walk-in closet again!
These projects were so overwhelming that I never started. With Molly's expertise they were completed quickly. Now on to the garage!"

Alyssa J.


Nov. 21, 2016

Kitchen Organizing

Small Apartment Expertly Organized!!

"I live in a fairly small apartment with my boyfriend. He was using our kitchen pantry as his brewery/hoarding space so I needed an unbiased person to help us utilize the space better. Molly did an amazing job talking sense into my boyfriend and we ended up clearing out the space, setting up a shelving unit and she even added a nice brewery touch! So worth every penny spent! If you have a space in your home that has been bugging you for a while, just make the move and contact Molly!"

Susan N.


Nov. 18, 2016

Home Office & Closet Organizing

Perfect Combo: Organization and Esthetics

"Molly organized my music teaching studio and my bedroom closet. She is very skilled at organizing things in a way that is functional and esthetically pleasing. Her calm positivity is such a wonderful bonus. She also found the perfect organizing containers for my office and teaching supplies and the odds and ends in my closet. Plus, she removed and donated or recycled or shredded all the thing I discarded! I love my organized, beautiful and functional studio and closet!"

Hanna M.


Nov. 18, 2016

Whole Home Organizing

HIGHLY recommend working with Cole + Co!

"Molly is extremely organized, has a great eye for interior design, and she loves what she does! Organizing can be a really difficult task for someone like me who keeps EVERYTHING because it all has sentimental value and Molly was great at understanding how I feel, but also being practical and helping me through the process of letting go of things I really don't need. My house looks AMAZING! She is super easy to work with and a really fun person to be around - I HIGHLY recommend her!"

Amy T.


Oct. 23, 2016

Whole Home Organizing


"Molly was AMAZING! Such a great person and very talented. She was timely, friendly, organized and flexible with my mess of an apt. She helped with purging as well as organizing. I would highly recommend Molly!"